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August 2017

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Your Old Droog ft. Heems – “Bangladesh”

More of that excellently-matched rap-gold I lowkey live for. YOD hits hard and then Heems..well, the less said about their “Bangladesh” the better. You should stream the appropriately-nang visuals & count yourself lucky that rap like this exists. FARMINGTON2017…

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Jeremiah Jae – “Payne”

Jae always comes correct. Great bars & great visuals (all praise is due to Ruffmercy). Truly dope. FARMINGTON2017…

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Kojey Radical – “AFTER WINTER” [VIDEO]

These have to be the rowdiest visuals..maybe ever. Kojey holds no punches. Minimal-brutalist structure, blackface on the the white sofa, bound/gagged caucasian business-man quaking in his brogues & a driving beat that tirelessly thumps. I’m a fan. Stream &…

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The Underachievers – “Crescendo” [VIDEO]

A clean cut track from UA man dem. Issa Gold & AK are those guys. Woke as fuck and experts at speaking the truth to the youth (& olders alike). I back everything these gentlemen do. Don’t be caught…