Tha God Fahim – “Tha Tragedy of Shogunn”

Tha Tragedy of Shogunn

Damn man.. Tha God done did it again, and dropped ANOTHER classic! In 2017 alone, we have been blessed with Tha Dark Shogunn Saga Vol. 2, Griff Saga, Dreams and Medina 2, Dollar Menu (collaboration w/ Mach-Hommy), and now.. Tha Tragedy of Shogunn. Fahim brings something new to the table with every project he drops, and his sound continues to improve. You can play his music 10 years from now. You can’t do that with a lot of this mainstream rap. “10 years later, sayin’ I’m the illest you 10 years late” – That pretty much sums it up. I’mma stop talking and let Tha God talk his shit here.

Stream Tha Tragedy of Shogunn below:

Purchase the album on Bancamp here.

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