k$ubi kayy make it happen

I woke up, hit up soundcloud and saw Lonny X repost an EP titled MAKE IT HAPPEN from a fellow Conneticut artist K$UBI KAYY. I’ve listened to the whole thing start to finish and I’m definitely vibing to this all day now. MAKE IT HAPPEN is K$UBI’s second project, which features a variety of different production styles and song types. He’s got them ‘stunt on you niggas’ tracks like “6 Speed” ft. Misfit Muda, and “What (Freestyle”, and then chill upbeat songs to vibe to like “What You Do” and “Make It Happen”. He also does some self reflecting on the first song “Can’t Compare”. K$UBI shows us he is a versatile artist with this project with a lot of potential. Can’t wait to see what he does next. Shout out to Conneticut. Stream the MAKE IT HAPPEN EP below.

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