Red Bull Culture Clash 2016

The original soundclash has its origins within the Jamaican dancehall scene. A battle of soundsystems and DJ’s ability to whip the crowd into a frenzy using a slew of dubs (original re-recorded versions of tracks exclusive to the DJ often ridiculing their oponent, calling them out by name, changing well known lyrics to disgrace the other side). Red Bull, being the cultural beast of the decade threw their annual Culture Clash inviting the Mixpak, Esikmo Dance, Taylor Gang (USA) & UKG to London’s O2 arena to battle it out. The 3 hour visuals feature a range of popular & well known performers from around the world supporting one of the four previously mentioned crews in their attempts to win over the heaving audience and embarrass their opponent. A truly epic event from the Red Bull team. Showing the unquestionable popularity and scope that the UK has.


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