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June 2016

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Samiyam ft Earl Sweatshirt – Mirror

Ambiguous lyrics on the track that sees young Sweatshirt meeting the erratic SAMIYAM. “Mirror” has Sweatshirt Musing on his reflection (literally and metaphysically) with SAMIYAM’s production suiting Earl’s style and pace down to the ground. Quality visuals add a…

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Red Bull Culture Clash 2016

The original soundclash has its origins within the Jamaican dancehall scene. A battle of soundsystems and DJ’s ability to whip the crowd into a frenzy using a slew of dubs (original re-recorded versions of tracks exclusive to the DJ…


TYC – Mudtro

Pounding bass, over-size North Face with the all back nine-fives + a woodland backdrop. All elements found in theese TYC visuals for Mudtro, the down-tempo manifesto that serves as a taster ahead of TYC’s forthcoming mixtape entitled “MUDDY”. All…

myze almost impossible

Myze – “Almost Impossible” EP

Chattanooga, TN artist Myze continues to build his buzz with his highly anticipated new EP Almost Impossible. The album features 10 tracks filled with futuristic beats all produced by himself, which is another reason why Myze is such a…