Robb Bank$ Releases his Highly Anticipated Album "Year Of The Savage"

Robb Bank$, aka 2phoneshawty, released his very highly anticipated project Year Of The Savage on October 2nd, 2015. The project has been talked about by Bank$ since his Calendars era in 2012. Myself and many other Bank$ fans have been very amped for the album to drop, and there were some other people that thought it was never going to drop at all. Since that time he has been honing his craft by working on his lyrics, collaborating with rappers such as Sir Michael Rocks and Pouya to name a few, and releasing mixtapes including Tha City, 2phoneshawty and No Tresspasing (with Chris Travis) which have increased his buzz even more. The album contains cuts with features from SS members Pouya and IndigoChildRick, and a feature from Chicago native Lucki Eck$. The beats were on point on this album, and the bars were definitely on point too. Being a kid born in the mid ninety’s along with Robb Bank$, I tend to geek out at all the cartoon/video game references. On the lyrical end, The track “Half Bae” ft. Pouya takes the cake for me. Solely because of references to early 2000’s nostalgia, such as the lines: “Nigga I been stunting hard since the tall tee’s bitch/Bonafide gamebreaker just scored two zips” (Bank$ is telling us that he’s been stuntin’ since the early 2000’s in the tall white tee era, which is also around the time that NBA Street came out. Bonafide was a character on NBA Street Vol. 1 and 2), and “Boy I been number one since the kid next door” (Codename: Kids Next Door was a popular cartoon in the early 2000’s. The Kids Next Door team were lead by agent Numbuh 1).


Personally I feel this was the perfect time for him to release the album. Having performed nationwide and overseas since he initially gained buzz on the internet, releasing new music and gaining new fans in the process, this was the perfect move. He has also signed a distribution deal with the label 300 Entertainment (which includes a roster of Young Thug, Fetty Wap, Migos and more), to make sure as many people as possible are aware of the album. In an interview with Mass Appeal, Robb has stated that he has worked on 3 different versions of the album, with the released version being the final. The final version in particular was in the works for 6 months. I figured this was all done at least within the last year, because of the production style of the album, the collaborators, and also the Hotline Bling reference on “Chainswang”. So when Bank$ said “Spent summer recording Year of The Savage in a mansion” on the single “2phoneshawty” which initially came out in December 2014, most likely that was a different version of the album we are listening to today. This just goes to show that Bank$ cares about his craft and wanted to give the highest quality of music possible to his fans. Producers on the album include Nuri, Nick Leon, Uncle Flex, and Nuez, Zaytoven and more.

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