Da Flyy Hooligan – “S.C.U.M”

Da Flyy Hooligan brings that undiluted, quality of his 2017 S.C.U.M release on glorious wax, cassette tape and glass-master disc. Truly rare items to celebrate the anniversary of the Gourmet project. The album is as raw as its name-sake.…

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A2 ft. Octavian, Yxng Bane & Suspect – “Flair”

I have been backing A2 for ages now. He’s deserving of all the props in my opinion. Never one to pet or pander, run to the spotlight or flash for the gram. He’s a proactive conscientious creative with a…

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Grandmilly & Shozae – “Adventureland”

Well, this is perfectly off-key. I peeped with no previous experience or knowledge and the duo’s 15-deep project has been on heavy rotation ever since. This is that god-body, divine wisdom rap that I’ve been craving. Quality beats and…


Trapo – “Oil Change EP”

Wisconsin..its your time! Trapo dropped his hefty 12-track “Oil Change EP”. Sun-kissed jazzy-breaks get the vocal treatment from the eloquent & lyrically-dexterous rapper. There are plenty of jams from this project via his own Trapo LLC imprint label. Salute!…

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World’s Fair – “Win4”

I guess this is that pure New York rap ish that the city,nay the world’s been waiting for. World’s Fair bring it as undiluted as humanly possible. Raw beat, raw bars (all praise due to; Jeff Donna, Cody B.…


D-Block Europe & Yxng Bane – Any Minute Now

This one came out of nowhere. In the wake of online buzz off last week’s surprising “gucci” houseparty banger. The man dem (D-Block Europe + Yxng Bane) connect for this pretty nang project (even down to the artwork). The…


oxy_gin – Daydreams & Summer Flings [LP]

Truly summer vibes from the active oxy_gin. About 12 original tracks and re-works of high-octane, “happy-fi” from the Atlantan producer..fling in some bonus gems and you’ve got yourself a summer soundtrack. Whether road-trip or extended recess, pity or pool-party,…

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IAMDDB – “Drippy”

Come on. You know the coup by now. IAMDDB from the midd-lands of UK via Holland. Super safe, overly creative, progressive, fashionable, energetic and yet lowkey at the same time. Super sharp harmonies and melodies accompany the “Drippy” visuals…

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Perhaps you have an opinion on this young man’s work, his (not-so) private life, his life choices & actions, perhaps not. The twenty year-old XXXTENTACION, fraught with controversy, violence, mental health issues and the trappings of fame lay lifeless…