oxy_gin – Daydreams & Summer Flings [LP]

Truly summer vibes from the active oxy_gin. About 12 original tracks and re-works of high-octane, “happy-fi” from the Atlantan producer..fling in some bonus gems and you’ve got yourself a summer soundtrack. Whether road-trip or extended recess, pity or pool-party,…

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IAMDDB – “Drippy”

Come on. You know the coup by now. IAMDDB from the midd-lands of UK via Holland. Super safe, overly creative, progressive, fashionable, energetic and yet lowkey at the same time. Super sharp harmonies and melodies accompany the “Drippy” visuals…

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Perhaps you have an opinion on this young man’s work, his (not-so) private life, his life choices & actions, perhaps not. The twenty year-old XXXTENTACION, fraught with controversy, violence, mental health issues and the trappings of fame lay lifeless…

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Sir Michael Rocks – “I See”

Mikey’s evolution hits light speeds. His vlog is one to watch with a lit tree. He’s basically the rap game’s end of level boss. Suave until the special move KO. Laughing with his arms folded casually. Sir Rocks’ “I…

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KEYAH/BLU – the county grove demo tape (2016-17)

Set Count Worldwide continues with it’s rich & lavish tradition of high quality output. You remember the Denzel/KEYAH Colours visual right? Well after much thought & consideration KEYAH/BLU has released a collection of unmixed tracks…recorded at her Mum’s with…

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Smoke DZA ft Dom Kennedy & Cozz – “The Hook Up”

As an Englishman, I’m always quietly confused by the LA heads choice of attire. I’m used to weather appropriate clothing. Cream Macintosh for the rainy days, striped shorts for the sunny ones. So, the wears in the recent Smoke…

Boxed Mixtape Vol 1

BoxedLDN – Boxed Mixtape Vol. 1: Le Dom b2b De Grandi

Its always a blessing to see new content from BoxedLDN. This time its a welcomed mixtape (streamable darling) from Le Dom & De Grandi of Paradoxe Club & jams and bumps all along the way… trucs géniaux! If you…

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BBC 1 XTRA – “Gangs, Drill & Prayer” [Full Documentary]

BBC 1XTRA sheds light on the growing London-based, Christian movement currently sweeping the UK’s black youth. This is religion in real-time, church sermons with bally’s and physicality usually seen in the club. Picture the rowdiest, most energetic stage show…

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Denzel Himself ft. KEYAH/BLU – Melty [A COLORS SHOW]

As a long-time supporter and fan of Denzel & the Set Count Worldwide movement it comes as no surprise that the hue-lovers at COLORS chose the effortlessly talented “outer Londoner” for a lil’ block colour performance. Additional vocals from the…